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Leadership Napa ValleyLeadership Napa Valley

The specific goals of Leadership Napa Valley are:

  • Develop leadership skills of a diverse group of current and future leaders in Napa Valley. 
  • Educate current and future leaders about a broad range of community programs, processes, needs, and issues. Introduce emerging leaders to each other and to the current leadership of the Napa Valley.
  • Encourage informed individuals to serve in community leadership positions.  
  • Seek diversity – in terms of culture, ethnicity, gender, geography, socio-economics, and professions – in each LNV class in order to reflect the true nature of the community.

What does an LNV Class do? 

  • Your class meets 14 days over 9 months to learn about a topic related to leadership in the Napa Valley.
  • Topics include: Tourism, Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Business, Government, Human Services, Arts, Education and much more! 
  • You will participate in group activities to learn more about YOUR COMMUNITY!
  • You will complete a small-group Practicum Project that will require additional hours.
  • You will take part in small group exercises that help you learn for yourself and learn from each other.
  • You will engage in candid conversations with current leaders that will present the opportunity to challenge the process.

What is a Practicum Project?

  • A project that supports or benefits the community.
  • You will be placed on a team with 5-7 class members.
  • Your team will pick the project and meeting times.
  • Sample past projects included: Downtown Murals, Hands Across the Valley, and the Napa Valley Give Guide.

How much does it cost and when does it start?

  • Tuition is $1495 and if you are accepted into the class, you are required to pay $200 from your personal account, even if your employer sponsors you.
  • Class typically starts in September with a 2-day orientation.

What do I need to do to apply?  

  • Demonstrate a high level of interest in the Napa Valley. 
  • Aspire to serve on boards or fill other leadership roles in the Valley and in your own vocation. 
  • Have a strong likelihood of remaining in the Napa Valley for at least five years after completion of the program. 
  • Have the full endorsement from your employer and make a personal commitment to attend all sessions.
  • Be ready for a challenge – getting into the program is competitive, but it’s worth it. 

Who should apply? 

If you're interested in developing new leadership skills, learning about the greater Napa Valley, expanding your network and becoming a leader in the valley, YOU SHOULD!

Class 36 Important Dates - 2023
(date TBA) Applications open, link will be posted to apply online
(date TBA):  Application deadline
(date TBA):  Candidate Interviews (via Zoom)
June (date TBA): 
Class 36 participants announced

Information Session PDF, link available TBA

For more information about the Class 36 Application Process, contact Katelyn Duarte via email.


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