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What do LNV grads have to say about the program?

Interesting, Informative, Challenging

"The program was fantastic, broad, and thorough. The early days taught me so much about myself and my strengths, and it was wonderful to see so many different approaches to problem solving.

The program days were deep dives into each topic. Interesting, informative, and I continued to learn more about myself and my colleagues and how to use that knowledge to approach problems.

The practicum group was as fun as it was challenging, and it was great to forge bonds with my groupmates."

- Year-end testimonial, Class 34 participant

Valuable Experience

"Such a valuable experience! I recommend this program to people all the time. It's hard to really fathom, as an applicant, all that is packed into the experience and how worthwhile it is."

- Year-end testimonial, Class 34 participant

Now I'm an Informed Citizen

"The LNV Program is extraordinary in so many ways.

I came into the program feeling like a bit of a community outlier. I'm leaving as an informed citizen with a working knowledge of the community, its organizations and government.

Whatever I choose to do, I now know where to start."

- Year-end testimonial, Class 34 participant


"Everyone who is in a leadership role or intends to improve their leadership skills and connectiveness with Napa Valley should apply for this program."

- Year-end testimonial, Class 34 participant

Varied & Comprehensive

" The monthly classes were interesting, varied, and comprehensive, giving us a wide range of sectors, so that we came away with a vastly increased understanding and appreciation for this County and how it works."

- Year-end testimonial, Class 34 participant


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