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What is LNV?

  • Leadership Napa Valley (LNV) is a program to identify, train, and motivate current and future local leaders.
  • Leadership Napa Valley participants come from all walks of life - business, government, the professions, the arts, and the academic world.

Who belongs in LNV?

  • People with a commitment to personal involvement in the future of the community.
  • People who aspire to leadership roles in the community.
  • People with mature judgment, who have the support and encouragement of their families and employers to take part in the program.

What do people learn?

  • Leadership skills, how to get involved in community life, and how things work in business and industry, government, education, social services, criminal justice, the arts, and hospitality.

Where does LNV take place?

  • All over Napa County, from the workplace to the halls of government to the vineyards and wineries. The program includes a mixture of classroom time, numerous field trips, and work in a location chosen by the participants as they develop their Practicum projects.

Why should I get involved?

  • LNV participants get outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges - they get in touch with aspects of the local community they may not know about - they find new ways to make a difference in the world - they make great friends and cherished memories - and they become the leaders they deserve to be.


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