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Government Day: Class 34 – Attitude of Gratitude

March 18, 2022 3:19 PM | Anonymous

Attending a city council meeting is something that every citizen should do…at least once. It derives a perspective and appreciation of the many facets of and the numerous individual inputs required to fairly and equitably implement policies of the city. It’s also something that is free to anyone who wishes to avail themselves to such a privilege.
On the other hand, learning the ingenious complexities of our community’s composting and recycling facilities is a treat that is likely available only to Leadership Napa Valley classes. What a unique opportunity it is to witness first hand, via a hosted tour that explains the inner workings of the massive and intricately designed process. How else would one learn how Napa is being such a stellar steward of community resources? It was a genuine treat! It’s even more impressive when learning that the complex operation is actually earning the county funds, not ‘costing’ money. Exceptional ‘kudos’ to our leaders!

Class 34 Government Day Gratitude members:
Lee Miller, Realtor, Avenue8
Emma Moyer, Homeless Programs Manager, County of Napa
Ryan O’Connell, Marketing Director, Inspired ADUs

About this post:
The purpose of the Attitude of Gratitude program is (1) to thank those who provide the information and experiences that make each of the program days exceptional, and (2) to reflect on what has changed for the class members as a result of their participation in Leadership Napa Valley. For each of the class program days, a gratitude team is assigned to make sure all the individuals responsible for coordinating, facilitating, and presenting the day are thanked.


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