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Criminal Justice Day: Class 35 – Attitude of Gratitude

January 17, 2023 2:39 PM | Anonymous

Program Day: January 6, 2023

Don’t judge a book by its cover will certainly apply to the courageous professionals with a badge and uniform.

Leadership within Napa’s law enforcement community was on full display during our recent Leadership Napa Valley Criminal Justice Day.

Being a Napa County and City of Napa law enforcement officer is more than just a job... it’s an opportunity to positively influence the community and do good. We saw first-hand that the job requires exceptional leadership skills to effectively serve the public which involves interaction with a diverse and large swathe of the community.

It was evident that being a law enforcement leader involves continuous learning, training, and development. They must always have a clear vision, be able to inspire and motivate others, and identify challenges. The leadership team, which included Sheriff Oscar Ortiz and Chief Jennifer Gonzales among many other members of their departments, were true leaders. They spoke to accountability to the public, community leaders, other members of their departments, and to themselves.

Most surprising was how both departments effectively instituted a transformational leadership model. The current leaders and leadership focus on and collaborate with all members to ensure and encourage others to succeed. They create positive and valuable changes with the end goal of transforming subordinates into leaders in the future. These law enforcement leaders recognize the strengths of others, highlight their achievements, and provide them with opportunities for growth. This culture is providing truly remarkable results, and I wish this characteristic was more prevalent in the private sector as well.

Overall, Criminal Justice day made a profound impact largely due to the personal connection and quality time we were able to spend with each of the departments’ members.

Class 35 Criminal Justice Day Gratitude Team members: 

Amanda Frances Fisher - Director of Resource Development, Boys and Girls Club
Liz Habkirk - Assistant City Manager, City of Napa
Ervin Hechavvaria - Realtor, Coldwell Banker
About this post:
The purpose of the Attitude of Gratitude program is (1) to thank our extraordinary Day Coordinators who provide the information and experiences that make each of the program days exceptional, and (2) to reflect on what has changed for the class members as a result of their participation in Leadership Napa Valley. For each of the class program days, a gratitude team is assigned to make sure all the individuals responsible for coordinating, facilitating, and presenting the day are thanked.


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