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Education Day: Class 35 – Attitude of Gratitude

March 02, 2023 5:06 PM | Anonymous

Program Day: February 3, 2023

Gray Skies Can't Stop Class 35!
Our first stop, at Camille Creek started off strong with homemade scones from one of the students and led into an insightful session about the program, which provides services and enrichment to students that need an alternative place to succeed other than their neighborhood school. The passion and determination that Jeff Scott projected was unforgettable, and helped provide a better understanding as to why this program is necessary and how everyone can be involved to contribute to future successes. It set the tone for the rest of the presenters throughout our day-- passion, devotion and expertise.

Shortly after our visit with Camille Creek, we were fortunate to observe various classrooms of children in the Early Childhood Education program. The children were rotating between various stations, each with their own development/sensory goals. It is a true gem for the community!

From there, I don't believe any of us were expecting to travel so much that we should have coordinated carpooling efforts to limit the train of cars going from site to site. Nonetheless, we had great insight into the Dual Immersion and language development at Pueblo Vista and Unidos Middle School. Principal Rocca was a great presenter with passion to help students succeed at not only being bilingual but truly immersed with learning school subjects in two languages! At Unidos, Principal Uribe shared her vision for the school and passion to ensure the dual immersion programs continue beyond elementary school. We also had an opportunity to listen, first hand, from Superintendent Mucetti about the obstacles and opportunities our school district is facing. It was surprising to the group to learn how our public schools are actually funded and how pivotal it is to garner community support to continue improving our schools.

Though the day was planned around the progression of our dual immersion program, we made a brief stop in a multipurpose room at Napa High. We all came prepared for school lunch in the Napa High cafeteria (we were pleasantly surprised to find boxed lunches). Over lunch, we had an opportunity to hear from Superintendent Barbara Nemko about how her office supports the various programs in our local and neighboring school districts. Budgets are not her offices' only tasks, and the wealth of services they provide needed more slides to showcase!

Onward with our visit at Napa High with Principal Ainsworth and sitting in on some of the classes was quite the experience. We heard from students in the dual immersion program for Geography. They shared some of the challenges they experience with a subject taught entirely in Spanish, and how they work with other students to find solutions. After a walk through the Machine Shop and a peek into the Robotics lab where we saw students actively working to assemble their robot for the upcoming season, we loaded up and headed on over to Napa Valley College.

Napa Valley College has so much to offer and we had a chance to ask questions from the new President, Dr. Powell. Questions came about the groundbreaking construction of the residence halls. We were happy to hear that housing is going to be dedicated to future students! Our biggest takeaway at the college was listening about the programs being offered and how they tailor education to meet the needs of local business. The teachers want their students who complete a program to be prepared to enter the workforce on day 1. We know that not everyone is destined for a 4-year university and there is immense value to our society for those students/individuals who choose to enter careers like emergency medical services, hospitality, culinary, welding and viticulture.

We have to share that the biggest photo opportunity came through with the excitement of seeing the mannequins and live demonstrations from EMT instructor Scott & Marc. It was captivating to witness the breadth of training offered at this location.

As we walked through a live class in the welding program and through to the other side of campus, we arrived at our final destination - viticulture building. The manager, Phillip Murphy, shared how the program helps new students and current employees learn new skills to advance in the wine industry. We all took our tastings in hand and enjoyed the newly bottled wine from grapes grown on site. Great way to finish our Day of Education!

Class 35 Education Day Gratitude Team members:
Don Maiden - Lieutenant, Napa Sheriff's Office
Wahu Oseso
- Pharmacy Intern, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
Josephine Palacios - Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

About this post: 

The purpose of the Attitude of Gratitude program is (1) to thank our extraordinary Day Coordinators who provide the information and experiences that make each of the program days exceptional, and (2) to reflect on what has changed for the class members as a result of their participation in Leadership Napa Valley. For each of the class program days, a gratitude team is assigned to make sure all the individuals responsible for coordinating, facilitating, and presenting the day are thanked.


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