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A Day in the Life of LNV | Agriculture Day - Class 32

April 09, 2019 9:50 AM | Deleted user

LNV Class 32 was hosted at the beautiful Hall Winery for Ag Day. That glass of wine that you had? Don’t take it for granted. Did you know that it takes an entire community of people to produce that for you in a way that makes money, stewards the land, and meets regulations. We heard from groups of people with skin in the game including, but not limited to, the Agricultural Commissioner, District 3 Supervisor, Planning Building and Environmental Services, Napa Green, Fish Friendly Farming, Land Smart, Renteria Vineyard management, The Farmworker Foundation, Napa Valley Growers, Napa Valley Vintners, Napa County Farm Bureau, Wine Growers, California Land Stewardship Institute, and Napa County Resource Conservation District. While not always on the same side of an issue, they work collaboratively to ensure that the Napa Valley brand is upheld to the highest standards and that stewardship of the land is a priority. “Hot topics” such as vintners versus conservationists, women working in primarily male dominated careers, and farmworkers provided thoughtful conversation during the day. 

We learned a lot about regenerative farming practices which not only improves the land but improves productivity.  There are not only grapevines being planted but planting of flower, clover and other plants to improve insect life.  Napa Valley benefits from the wineries not just economically but with the ecosystem improvements that are made to benefit the community overall.  The goal of many farmers is to leave the land in better shape than they found it.

Submitted by Joy Riesenberg, participant Class 32


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