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Class 33 - Government Day

March 12, 2020 10:42 AM | Deleted user

By Andrea Metro Leister, Mary Rezek, and Josh Schultz

In the heart of our the 2020 political season, it was a breath of fresh air to take in a day to learn about and experience local government committed to working together. Our day began with touring the water treatment plant in Jamieson Ranch.  We visited the Yountville Fire station and learned about fire and rescue in the Napa Valley. We had lunch with the mayors and city officials of Napa Valley’s great cities and towns: Yountville, Saint Helena, Calistoga, Napa, American Canyon, NVTA, and Napa County.  We wrapped up our day with a mock city council meeting that left some of many of us in tears from laughing so hard. It was definitely a day for the books!

We walked away smarter (definitely learned a lot about our water system and now have some true converts to tap water!), we walked away friendlier (we all know we’ll never forget how chickens are family to some) and we walked away with a greater awareness about what it takes to keep Napa Valley running. We are grateful for the officials who gave us their time in the middle of the political season, and we are one step tighter as a class (the best class ever, obviously) through experiencing the Government Day together. 

About This Post:
This is a Class 33 Attitude of Gratitude post. The purpose of the Attitude of Gratitude program is (1) to thank those who provide the information and experiences that make each of the program days exceptional, and (2) to reflect on what has changed for the class members as a result of their participation in Leadership Napa Valley. For each of the class program days, a gratitude team is assigned to make sure all of the individuals responsible for coordinating, facilitating and presenting the day are thanked.


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