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A Day in the Life of LNV | Leadership Seminar – Class 30

October 31, 2016 7:50 PM | Holly Krassner Dawson

Finding Direction to Collaborate with our Fellow Leaders (Leadership Seminar Day)

The day started with a brief overview by Mayor Jill Techel and an introduction to Ann Navarro former mayor of St. Helena and LNV Alum.  Ann shared her LNV experience and professional background and provided tips on how to approach our LNV Practicum groups.  Both Jill and Ann introduced our class to our presenter for the day, John Glaser.

The stage was set to learn more about “Leading through Collaboration,” with John Glaser, former NVUSD Superintendent. John and his wife Carol provide instrumental personal and organizational development, team building education, and conflict resolution through their company, Glaser and Associates.

Following a class discussion about our LPI results, relating to one another, and strengths, biases and norms, our class was divided into groups where we were given a conflict and resolution case study.  We referred to our booklet to guide us through the process from the beginning to understand both sides of the problem, all the way through the final stages of conflict resolution.  This was great preparation for forming and collaborating on our practicum projects.

We were assigned to our practicum groups and spent some time getting better acquainted.  Each team established one Lead who will provide future progress updates, then we formulated a method to communicate, set-up our first bonding activity, and briefly brainstormed our shared interests.  We also gathered information to help integrate our missing team-mates.  Before our day concluded, Brian Kelly shared what to expect at our next LNV class – Business Day.  The class will pick up where we left off, to help inspire, create, and implement a shared vision.

We appreciated the time and resources that John Glaser provided to help guide us into our Practicum projects.  It was helpful to have the opportunity to apply some of the techniques on a simulated conflict within our teams.  Our minds are swirling with ideas as we find ourselves heading into our next steps as a team – filled with excitement, unknowns, and thoughtful consideration – to be open to possibilities that are ahead of us.

Submitted by Keri Akemi-Bezayiff and Ely Aguayo, Gratitude Ambassadors and members of Class 30.


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