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Day in the Life of LNV | Government Day – Class 30

March 09, 2017 7:56 PM | Holly (Krassner) Dawson (Administrator)

The day started by learning government services and fun facts about the Napa County, followed by a detailed report of county and city finances. We also learned about material diversion and recycling services.

We took a tour of the Napa Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Plant while learning about the process used to deliver clean water to each residents home. We learned the importance of water conservation, and about the hardworking and dedicated public works employees behind this effort.

We visited Yountville’s Fire Department and got to perform hands-on CPR and rescue. We even got to experience car crash rescue with the use of heavy equipment! One of the most exciting activities of the day was meeting up for a lunch with elected officials, city managers and departmental staff from the cities of Napa, American Canyon, Yountville, St. Helena and Calistoga and having the opportunity to speak with each of them. Our group had the pleasure of sitting at a table with American Canyon city officials, Mayor Leon Garcia, Jason Holley, Public Works Director and Creighton Wright, Parks and Recreation Director. They shared stories about serving within their community, upcoming city projects, as well as their personal journey to becoming involved in local government.

During a visit to the Napa Valley Transportation Authority, we were provided a report of transportation and land use within Napa. We also learned about the Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency (NCTPA), who is responsible for providing countywide transportation planning, including congestion management, design and construction of specific highway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvement projects, as well as promotion of transit oriented development throughout Napa County.

As our final adventure, we headed downtown to City Hall on the trolley. Once we arrived, we participated in one of the most fun activities of the day – attending a regular Town of LNV City Council meeting. We experienced a public hearing and witnessed democracy at its best.

The day was filled with interesting information that made me better realize the importance of local government.

Submitted by members of Class 30.


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