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Meet the Students of Class 29

September 10, 2015 9:03 PM | Holly Krassner Dawson

Leadership Napa Valley is thrilled to introduce the new students of Class 29. For the next nine months, Class 29 will embark on a special journey together, learning leadership skills, teamwork and experience –  the many different pieces that make Napa County such a special place to live. Congratulations on being selected!

Melinda Adams, Heather Alfaro, David Avina, Danielle Barreca, Lisa Blackmon, Kristine Blasky, Keely Dervin, Brian Dodd, Kelly Dressler, Holly Finkelstein, Catherine George, James Gunther, Elizabeth Hawkins, Jocelyn Hoar, Alisa Jacobo, Lucas LeGate, Elizabeth Mercer, Catherine Miller, Donald  Moore, John Moreno, Jennifer Olsen, Rodolfo Perez-Arroyo, David Schloss, Chris Shoop, Eva Simonsson, Anya Stubbs, Daniel Vermillion, Sarah Wallin, Douglas Wilson, and Vincent Xeus.


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