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A Day in the Life of LNV | Leadership Day – Class 32

September 18, 2018 11:34 AM | Holly (Krassner) Dawson (Administrator)

Dr. John Glaser, Ed.D, educator, scholar, and specialist in organizational development, conflict resolution, and labor relations spent the morning presenting the topic, Creating a Community of Problem Solvers.

A significant handout was presented to the class featuring theory, tools, schematic illustrations, and examples communication, negotiation, and problem solving.

John started by discussing single loop and double loop learning and then took us down and up the Ladder of Inference. (Chris Argyis and Donald Schon) He sensitized the class to the key elements of negotiations and problem solving or how we can become better problem solvers and get better outcomes. 

In John’s experience, inadequate communication is a significant cause of conflict. The barriers of conflict can be broken down by reframing problems and looking at them in terms of interests rather than positions.

A taxonomy of problem solving and negotiation featured identifying the following:

  • The Task – asking the What
  • Data – reviewing the numbers or facts
  • Interest -- understanding the why, the motivation, the values
  • Generate Options – brainstorming the how -- potential solutions

This content and more was reinforced by audiovisual presentations and group work.  All these learning experiences assisted us in applying our newly gained knowledge on problem solving.

We look forward to our practicum groups experiences knowing this content will become invaluable!

To learn more, we encourage you to check out John’s book, Leading Through Collaboration and the work of Fisher and Ury who co-authored Getting to Yes.

Lessons Learned:

Roland Cavanagh, member of LNV, Class 31, presented Tips for the Practicum based on his experience last year.  Roland recommended that the practicum groups immediately agree on creating a shared calendar.  He mentioned the concept: Tyranny of the Or and Genius of the And from the book Good to Great by Jim Collins and also suggested we do a Google search on Nominal Group Technique.

Roland shared experiences of being assigned to his practicum group, working together many months until the project completion, and the project presentation event. His group was named best project for the class of 31.

Practicum Projects:

Jill Simmons Techel, LNV program coordinator, presented the concept of the Community Development Practicum.  Many examples of previous group practicum projects were passed around the class.  Jill discussed the opportunities and the rationale of the practicum group experience. Jill’s discussion was also augmented by audiovisual presentations. Not surprisingly, she encouraged us to work outside our comfort box. 

We were assigned to our practicum groups and are now on our way!

What a great day for the LNV Class 32!

Submitted by Bonnie Andersen and Ellen Bermingham, participants in LNV Class 32.


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