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  • November 11, 2015 8:55 PM | Holly Krassner Dawson

    On September 18th Class 29 of Leadership Napa Valley had the pleasure of learning about “Leading Through Collaboration” with John Glaser. John helped us understand how to create a community of problem solvers and how to understand different sides of any problem. We also learned how a group of problem solvers needs to have people filling different roles while working together toward a common goal. We worked in small groups on solving a simulated problem that involved the roles of two different groups with two very distinct interest.

    The simulation, facilitated by John Glaser, encouraged our LNV class to think about the common interest and build on them to arrive at a common solution. It is easy for groups to approach a conflict with only their problems in mind. It is the duty of each side to understand what the interest of each other are and solve the most urgent and important matters first.

    The conflict simulation was put forth as follows: one group took on the role of University officials who were concerned about the financial well-being of a book store. This concern was tied to the book store’s sustainability along with the potential future inability of students to get their books for the upcoming school year. The University officials were prepared to take control and remove students from management if nothing was done.

    The other group was an alliance of students that operated the book store and wanted to make books and materials affordable to all university students. However, as we learned more details about the problem we realized that the student group was not doing a good job at managing the bookstore which gave rise to their current problems. We found that if the bookstore lost any more money the book store would close down. The common interest then from both sides was not to allow this to happen.

    Our solution was to reorganize the student group with the help of the University officials and make the bookstore sustainable once again. In this way there was no need to remove students from the book store’s management and would achieve the solution both sides wanted.

    We also had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Shiff who is the Practicum Coordinator for Leadership Napa Valley. Suzanne introduced us to our group which we will be working with for the next several months. Suzanne shared her experiences and best practices when working within our practicum groups. She shared examples of previous classes and how they were successfully collaborating along with what not to do.

    This day was a very productive one because after learning about collaboration and conflict resolution, we were introduced to our practicum group. We will take all the learnings from our conflict resolution simulation to our practicum group and apply them there. Wish us luck!

    Submitted by David Avina and Danielle Barreca, members of Class 29. 

  • October 15, 2015 9:01 PM | Holly Krassner Dawson

    What decisions we make as a community will impact our long term, and that was evident during Class 29’s Business Day education. While we had the opportunity to step into the shoes of business owners during the simulation, the reality of those decisions was experienced during our tour of the historic Borreo building. As Mr. Holcomb described his vision to further the vibrancy we all know in Downtown Napa, creating that successful and exciting environment for locals and tourists to enjoy does not come without its risks. We heard similar stories of relentlessness and elbow grease from Chef Ken Frank and Indra Fortney. These local leaders tapped into personal experiences to propel themselves forward and created avenues because they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    We learned how local businesses aren’t just focused on profit — rather, how can innovation translate into success for the entire community? How does each business fit into the overall puzzle? And once all those pieces come together, how do they form a cohesive picture woven into Napa’s overall fabric?

    Success doesn’t happen by chance. It’s when leadership collides with resiliency and a North Star highlights the right path.

    Submitted by Kristi Jourdan, Lisa Blackmon, and Melinda Adams, members of Class 29.

  • September 10, 2015 9:03 PM | Holly Krassner Dawson

    Leadership Napa Valley is thrilled to introduce the new students of Class 29. For the next nine months, Class 29 will embark on a special journey together, learning leadership skills, teamwork and experience –  the many different pieces that make Napa County such a special place to live. Congratulations on being selected!

    Melinda Adams, Heather Alfaro, David Avina, Danielle Barreca, Lisa Blackmon, Kristine Blasky, Keely Dervin, Brian Dodd, Kelly Dressler, Holly Finkelstein, Catherine George, James Gunther, Elizabeth Hawkins, Jocelyn Hoar, Alisa Jacobo, Lucas LeGate, Elizabeth Mercer, Catherine Miller, Donald  Moore, John Moreno, Jennifer Olsen, Rodolfo Perez-Arroyo, David Schloss, Chris Shoop, Eva Simonsson, Anya Stubbs, Daniel Vermillion, Sarah Wallin, Douglas Wilson, and Vincent Xeus.

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